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Paul M. Jones   
phone: (607) 293-7336(RLMS)    

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About Our Process 

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About Our Process

I am Lynn Jones, Paul’s wife and the writer of this page. I am a computer programmer analyst by training and not at all a mining expert. That is why I know persons with average intellect can take our process and do well with their ore. I handle most of the paperwork and initial testing of materials for Paul now.

Because I am not a professional miner, I wonder about some things that seem standard to mining people. For example, if you send you ore away to a university or something they will put it through a big machine and tell you how many molecules of precious metals are in the ore.

However, they will not tell you how many you can get out. If you can’t get it out, you can’t sell it. You can press your face against the glass at this scientific candy store, but you can’t get it into your hand.

The other thing I don’t understand is assay. Here you send your ore to somebody, pay them a bunch of money, they do something to it and tell you what it is worth. Seems reasonable, but can you produce the precious metals on a large scale? Usually not. Some guys send you to a particular university professor to evaluate your ore. None of these guys seem to be selling production scale information.

Well, we aren’t either, yet. We are selling you a way to figure it out for yourself. If you want to find out how much gold you have, buy some CDE leach, a solvent extraction DVD, a small solvent extraction kit, a scale and a magnetic stirrer.

Weight a small amount of ore. Leach your ore. Weigh a dry filter. Put a measured amount through the solvent extraction process for gold and recover the gold. Weigh the filter with the gold when it is dry. The difference is how much gold you recovered. Compare the recovered gold with the dry weight of the ore you started with. This will tell you how much gold is in your ore. Do the same with the Platinum and Palladium if the leach color showed them to be in the mix ore drop them as PGM’s and sell them that way.

Now, who can fool, cheat, mislead, or scam you?

You know what you did, why you did it and how much gold you have.

Now, call us and say that you have so many tons of material you want to process each day. Decide if you want us to ship you a plant, or do you want to pay Paul to come and design a whole plant around your specific situation.

The amount of gold you found decides how much money you want to spend.

We never recommend building a large production size plant right away. It makes the learning curve much too expansive. Our plants are modular and easy to increase in volume. That way the plant growth is paying for itself with a minimal initial investment.

Even if you know the precious metals are there, you still have to learn to get it out efficiently.

All of the big companies start with the test tube, then a beaker, and then a pilot plant.

Why shouldn’t you?