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Paul M. Jones   
phone: (607) 293-7336(RLMS)    

fax: (607) 293-7336(RLMS)

Moving Sale! 

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Due to the great response we have had for our products, we have been forced to move to MUCH LARGER facilities. This will enable the addition of technical, research, manufacturing and shipping employees.  Get in on these great deals QUICK!  

Any order placed with us between now and August 31, 2003 will receive:

Orders up to $750 will receive a 10% discount

Orders over $751 will receive a 15% discount

Orders for a RLMS Micron Gold Recovery Machine will receive a 18% discount  

Order any plant arrangement for delivery in the next year and get a 20% discount on the total negotiated price---when the order is accompanied by a 10% deposit.

I don't want to move equipment - my loss is your gain!!


Paul M. Jones
(732) 233-4781