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The Digmore Mine, in Downieville, Sierra County, California-100 miles north of Sacrameto. Miner/Developer seeking $250,000 to purchase equipment and develop the mine. Offering 40% of all the gold recovered to the investor.

The Digmore attempts to explore the northern zone of the serpentine/calavaras formation contact in an area where no other mines have been previously developed. Several thousand ounces of gold was produced in a mine several south. The Digmore Mine has the same geology. A small pocket was excavated with hand tools from veins in the upper workings that confirms the existence of gold. A recent survey shows that most of the work in the lower tunnel was done at the foot of the vein. This is encouraging that the gold-bearing quartz on the upper level has been unexploited. There is a strong possibility that excavation of the lower level will give ready access to the gold. Since the adit has already been significantly developed, a major exploration cost has been avoided.

The $250,000 will be used to purchase equipment and allow serious exploration to begin. The investor will receive 40% of all the gold recovered.

Much of the gold-bearing quartz is "specimen-grade"
The ground stands relatively unsupported resulting in lower operating costs
Most of the extraction would only be of the gold/quartz matrix
Small veins on the surface become very wide within at the –100’ level
This is essentially a virgin property
There is some equipment onsite.

To receive more information please contact:
David Lee O’Donnell
PO Box 624
Downieville, CA 95936
530-289-3143 after 8PM PST

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