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Filtration Products 

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Filtration Products

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FF001 20" Filter housing. Bacterially and chemically resistant. Available in 3/4", 1" or 1 1/4" inlet/outlet.  Suitable for many applictions including prefiltering +50 micron sediment, +20 micron sediment, or even to 1 micron particulate.  Can be used for carbon or even de-ionization. $189.00


FF002 20" Cartridge housing, Chemically and bacterially resistant. Inlet and outlet are available as 1/2" or 3/4" NPT. $149.00


FF003 Chemically resistant 10" cartridge housing. Available in 3/4" and 1" inlet/outlet. $89.00


FF004 20# Activated carbon integrated column.   Reduces chlorides to a manageable level in most liquids.  Fits Housing #FF002.   Flow rate is important. $129.35

FF005 20" Dual-gradient density pre and post filter in one cartridge. 25 micron pre-filter and 1 micro post filter - nominal.   Bacterially and chemically resistant.  Fits Housing #FF001.  This is a very significant product for keeping 1 micron+ particulate from fouling your carbon or resin columns. $92.00

FF006 20" De-ionization cartridge. Fits Housing #FF001.  Removes 99% of all of the ions in one pass. A great product for identifying and removing every item in a liquid. $289.00

FF007 20" Pre-filter 30 micron nominal pleated cartridge that fits Filter Housing #FF001. Great for clearing the 30 micron particulate from liquids. It allows filters following it to last longer. Chemically and bacterially resistant. $39.95

FF008 10" Particulate filter - 5 micron nominal rating.  Bacterially and chemically resistant. $59.00

FF009 Description and Pricing will be here soon!    
FF010 10" Activated carbon integrated filter to reduce chlorine in liquids. $86.75

FF011 10" Activated carbon briquette with a filtration rating of 0.5 micron nominal-that is 1/2 micron-remember there are 15,000 microns to the inch. It reduces chlorine, certain organics, sand, silt, scale and iron particulate. This is a very significant filter arrangement escpecially if your carbon, resins or other parts of your system are fouling due to chlorine oxidation or "fines". $189.00

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