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Leach Columns 
& Pumps 

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Leach Columns & Pumps

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LC001 Resin Column - Capacity of 6 cups of resin with an allowable freeboard.  The four columns pictured above are the same column design, loaded with different media to demonstrate the wide variety of applications they can provide.  These are TRUE FIELD TESTED RESIN COLUMNS that readily function as a REAL resin, carbon or oxidizer component in a precious metals leach operation. $239.00

LC002 Resin Column - Capacity of 1 1/2 cups of resin with an allowable freeboard. The two columns in the middle are exactly of the same design that I personally have used in some of the wild and wooly places around the world. Castpolycarbonate with threaded inlet and outlets and a 1/2" NPT top opening for loading/unloading resins or oxidizers--or to pipe directly into your system. In some applications I install a threaded funnel into the opening so I can drip the return-flow of barren solution as shown in the column in the lower left. This allows the solution to be tested and rejuvinated if needed.  The third column from the left on the botton row is the same column with the regular cap as normally shipped.  $89.00

LC003 Production Column - Cast polycarbonate with a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet, this unit is suitable for the operator who is "going big". If your resin only holds 10 pounds of precious metals to the cubic foot, then this column has the capacity of holding 25# of precious metals. 25# would be 250 ounces troy times $300. $75,000--That would be pretty good!!! $3200.00

LC004 Resin Column - Capacity of 800ml.   These are TRUE FIELD TESTED RESIN COLUMNS  that readily function with activated carbon, oxidizer or resin. $149.00

LCFLO Flowmeter - Flowmeters are absolutely necessary to controll your hydrometallurgical process.  We sell flowmeters for every application. Prices upon request  
LCPMP The two blue pumps shown are simply representative of the many pumps we well.  Peristallitic, diaphram, impeller, vaccuum.  Capacities of 1 GPH to 10,000 GPH. Prices upon request  

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