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Paul M. Jones   
phone: (607) 293-7336(RLMS)    

fax: (607) 293-7336(RLMS)


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Complete our Survey and get $15 off your next order by telling us about your experiences with Plasma Arc Furnaces.  All answers are required and must be filled in.  When you submit the form below, it will be sent to me by email.  We will send your $15 off Coupon to the address you list in the survey.  The Coupon is good towards the purchase of any of our products, however it cannot be used with an online PayPal purchase - it must be used with a mail-in, faxed, or phone-in order.  Limit one per household.  Thank you for your time and interest!

Email Address:
First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:
Who's furnace did you use? (Include owner name, address, contact)
Did you observe the work?
What were the costs?
Were you supplied with an assay?
Were you satisfied with the results?
Were you able to actually sell the product produced from the furnace?
Were you offered a proposal to process your material?
Are you currently in production with a Plasma Arc Furnace?
Any additional comments?

If you have any problems submitting your survey, please send me an email with your answers, and SURVEY in the subject line, to the address below: