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Paul M. Jones   
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fax: (607) 293-7336(RLMS)

Technical Help 


Here is a testing method for mercury that is an example of the kind of technical help that I provide. Mercury is an important and dangerous material and is nothing to trifle with. I developed this method of ID for field expediency identification. All of the methods that I include in all of the test kits are done in this straight-forward manner.

Mercury Identification

Scope: Processes for identifying the presence of mercury in any liquid, including urine.

1. Collect a fairly large amount of the suspect liquid. Pour in a pie dish, glass or ceramic only. Allow to evaporate slowly. don’t force it. Covering with an open weave material will stop contamination from airborne dust or other debris. When the liquid gets a little syrupy put " of liquid in a long test tube. Holding the tube at a shallow angle slowly heat the end holding the liquid and bring to a light boil. If there is any mercury in the sample it will "condense" approximately three-quarters of the way up the tube on the top. Mercury will appear as tiny gray globules that will form-up with some assistance from a rubber band or glass tube.

Do not touch the mercury without skin protection

The fumes coming from this test MUST be considered extremely hazardous. This test MUST be done under a fume hood or in a well-ventilated area

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